Call for Abstracts

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Scientific and Local Organising Committees, we are delighted to invite you to submit an abstract for your presentation at the 38th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology under the theme “Health Psychology for a Sustainable Future” in Cascais, Portugal, September 3 – 6, 2024.

We are excited to announce some new presentation formats in addition to the well-established ones.

The presentation forms are the following:

1. Oral Presentations

10 min talk + 2 min for questions.

Give-me-5: 5 min talk + 2 min for questions. Work-in-progress could be particularly suited for this format, as well as regular presentations.

2. Early Career Researcher (ECR) Spotlight Talks:

A format by ECRs aimed at providing ECRs with the opportunity to present their research in a short, concentrated oral format (5-minute presentation + 2-minute questions).

3. Symposia

Symposia provide an opportunity for a series of presentations focused on a particular topic. The number and format of the presentations within the symposia are decided by the chairs/convenors. It can, for example, include up to 4 presentations, and a discussion and interactive activity. Symposia must include presenters from at least 2 countries. The duration of this format is either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the convenors’ preference.

4. Roundtables/debates:

Same format as in previous years. Roundtables can include up to 5 short presentations (5 min max.). Debates can include 2-3 short presentations (10 min). Both types of sessions require participants from at least 2 countries and an interactive and structured discussion period. The duration of this format is 60 min.

5. State-of-the-art presentations

This is a separate submission stream, as a limited number of state-of-art presentations are accepted. This type of presentations should reflect a substantive program of work, providing novel empirical or theoretical insights for health psychology. Submissions not accepted for this format will be reviewed for regular oral presentations.

6. Lab Series

Limited number of slots where people can explore new ways to capitalize on bringing people together at the conference, and experiment with new formats of presenting and exchange of ideas (e.g. you want to start an initiative to write an international grant), or to discuss a particular methodology.

7. Posters

8. Pre-conference Workshops

There are two options – half-day and full-day workshops. A workshop provides an opportunity for a group of participants to achieve a specific goal or address a particular problem. It may be designed to train or educate participants in a particular research methodology or theoretical approach or to address a specific problem, such as how to use particular research findings in health care or policy.

Only one presentation is possible per person, excluding roundtables/debates, lab series, and being a discussant.

The conference will be mainly in person, but we will provide an option for delegates to participate online/virtually, should they be unable to attend in person. Virtual oral presentations will need to be pre-recorded on video and will be available asynchronously via the conference platform.

The deadline for all formats except workshops is the February 14th, 2024 February 28th, 2024.
The deadline for workshops is March 14,  2024.
More information regarding submission formats & guidelines is available at:
More information about previous conferences and the EHPS can be found at
Yours sincerely,

Prof. Vera Araujo-Soares & Prof. Efrat Neter (Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee)
Prof. Marta Marques (Chair of the Local Organising Committee)

Invited Speakers:

The rich program will be complemented with four invited keynote speakers: Sonia Dias, Amanda Daley, Jeremy Grimshaw, and Paschal Sheeran.

Specific Deadlines:

All Presentation Formats: 14 February 2024 28 February 2024

Workshops: 14 March 2024

Acceptance: May 2024
Early Bird Registration: up to 14 June 2024
Meetings and Workshops: 2 September 2024
Conference: 3 – 6 September 2024

Host Town:

Cascais ( ; near the city of Lisbon); Portugal.


The conference will take place at the Estoril Congress Center.

Travel Information:

For details on how to travel to Cascais, sustainable travel options, visas and local information visit